Everyday symbolism and how we connect to our purpose

I spend a great deal of time contemplating the mystical world, playing with it, asking for signs. The last few months I have seen hummingbirds everywhere in both Seattle and Los Angeles, even on the side of the freeway during traffic. It is said the hummingbird is a spirit animal that reminds us to be playful and light—to be flexible, moving at will, adapting to a changing environment. Worries are not light, they contain a weight that anchor us. The hummingbird asks us to put our worries aside and enjoy life.

It’s spiritual flirtations like this that have me questioning just about everything I was ever taught. Like why do we ignore this fantastical place that lives and breathes just out of sight from our physical vision? We were taught to be practical I guess, but something magical exists within us and around us. We see it with our hearts, we create it with spirit, and it lives in the wings of a hummingbird—if that isn’t magic, I don’t know what is. As a creative person my access to spirit is clearer and more focused, it feels as if I walk in two worlds, one filled with corporations, struggling humans, and greed—the other quite imaginary. Many storytellers have tried to capture the magic of this place, depicting it with faeries and painted skies, or talking animals and floating castles. And it is all of that and anything else we want it to be. If you open your mind’s eye you can truly see its exuberance buzzing around you and that can be quite an extraordinary feeling. Knowing your depth goes beyond this place and dips into an endless ocean of magic is a seismic integration of spirit and mind. You will know this conjoining when little mystical beings, like the hummingbird, who buzz around sweet nectar flowers, visit you in various forms, activating your broken heart. Only then, if you are able to see true the message, you will feel the completion and joy of a conjoined spiritual and physical life.

So be light. Be adaptable. Drink only the nectar that nourishes your soul.