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Andrea Bijou intentionally creates art and products for people who wish to heal. She believes if an environment is serene and one is surrounded with peaceful colors, art, and messages—one can heal and access an internal sense of peace more effectively. 

Abstract Pebbles

The ocean has a way of washing away our troubles. The sand is warm. The water is clear blue. Our time sitting next to the sea can feel like an eternity. We may not always have time in our busy lives to visit the ocean, but we can design our living space with bits of the sea. 


Ram Dass reminds us to, "make friends with change." This migration print is a part of many created with moving ink, migrating across the paper. The process is seamless—accessing deep flow, allowing whatever the ink wishes to create, create. This practice is a very flexible technique that yields to the medium, connecting to the divine yin in us all. 


There is no reference point for these botanicals, no flower copied, nothing traced. These flowers emerged from a place of peace, tropical in shape, eager in growth. Flowers have the ability to brighten any space, inside or outside. They capture little bits of the sun, sharing their light with us all.