What is quiet contemporary art?

It is soft, like the fur of a rabbit. Kind like the words of a monk. Quiet Contemporary Art is a meditative song that we both hear and see with our hearts. Andrea Bijou captures a bit of the divine, a lot of nature and an air of tranquility in her work. Her art brings to life a truth we can all discover within ourselves. Each piece emanates lightness, calming the feverish worries of our minds, while enhancing a living space with a beautiful flow. 


The definition of quiet.

One must quiet the mind in order to hear the deep wishes of the spirit. One must create a space where only nature can be heard and soft white light can be seen and felt. In these moments, as we interact with nature and retire to our tranquil spaces each day, we find no distraction from our own truth. Quiet means we listen, not speak. Quiet means, we empty our minds of harmful messages. Quiet means, we do not bombard our eyes with negative or dissonant imagery. Quiet communicates a softness or a flexibility we all need to gracefully advance through life. 

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