Andrea Bijou

Andrea is the author of the 3 mindfulness journals, Gluten-Free Dining in Seattle, and the forthcoming book, Flowers will Rise, a book of affirmations for healing.  

Andrea is an American artist capturing light neutral tones and meditations in her emotive paintings. Much of her work reveals deeper personal development work, visually characterizing inner growth and the lightness of healing.

Andrea began her career as both a print and TV journalist covering crime, then transitioned to work for Fortune 100 companies such as Amazon and Microsoft as a senior digital marketing strategist and consultant.

She is currently writing on the topic of mindfulness and mental health. Her written works have been most recently published on Thrive Global and Stigma Fighters and over the course of her career in environmental magazines, monthly journals, online NBC affiliates, Amazon, Microsoft, and her own personal blogs. 

On her free time, Andrea studies Eastern philosophies, psychology, travel, and continues to develop her art and creative writing. Andrea also enjoys investing in lower income communities as an art, business and technology mentor.